“A great photograph is one that fully expresses what one feels, in the deepest sense, about what is being photographed.”
― Ansel Adams

Tamar Shugert Photography, captures the essence of the moment, and preserves the feelings of joy, sadness, pride, excitement and love, for you to have and cherish for a lifetime to come.

Being a mother herself with a background in child care, Tamar Shugert specialises in child photography.
By the end of the shoot the children feel at ease and have fun with Tamar. And that shows in every frame.

Stunning photos of MY day.  I can’t believe some of the moments you captured.  Highly recommended.


I just looked at someone’s portfolio who lives near by, and I said “oh dear, i really need Tamar!”

Family Shoot

רצינו להמליץ בחום על תמר
תמר צילמה עבורנו לכבוד החלאקה של הילד שלנו.
הייתה כייפית ומאירת פנים בשעת הצילומים, ידעה לזרום עם הילד ולגרום לו לשתף פעולה.
והתוצאה מקצועית- תמונות איכותיות ומדהימות!


For more information, please contact me:

Phone: 054-9136224

email: tamar@shugpro.com